Parents Talk About
My kids love the integrated science content. The lesson path is very motivating to them. They want to do their lessons because they are curious about what the next environment will be.
—Mother of 2– and 3–year–old girls, and a 3–year–old boy
My daughter is excelling and is completely captivated by every lesson plan she reviews on here! I am amazed! She also comes to us with random facts she’s learned. IMPRESSED!!!
—Mother of 3–year–old girl
Within two days of using my son knew what letters started words. We were at dinner and he told his sister, ‘We are eating olives—that is o for olives.’ I was so impressed because I had been trying to teach him that for weeks on my own, and he couldn’t grasp it, but with it just sticks with him. Thank you for that!!!
—Mother of a 3–year–old boy
This website is wonderful! I was hesitant to spend money with so many free ‘learning’ activities out there, but this is far superior to anything else my kids have played and they both LOVE it!
—Mother of 2– and 4–year–old girls
I like the fact that the programs center on everything and seem to leave nothing out. Just when I think that everything has been covered, something completely new is next. For example, I like the programs that cover family and how the child knows who they are related to....brilliant!
—Mother of a 4–year–old girl
I actually fell in love with this site. My son is improving his speech, and I notice the difference every day...I can’t afford to send my son to preschool right now, but this site helps him out a lot. I just wanted to say THANK YOU for thinking of our kids.
—Mother of 4–year–old boy
My 4–year–old daughter really enjoys this site, and even though she’s only been on it for a few weeks, we’ve already noticed small improvements with her attention span and her comprehension skills. Her reading skills are also improving. I almost can’t wait for preschool to start to see what her teacher thinks!
—Mother of 4–year–old girl
So far it has been a good experience for my toddler and preschooler. She loves it, and in one day, she went all the way to Level three. Best thing ever.
—Mother of 1– and 4–year–old girls
Very pleased with what we’ve experience so far on the site. My 4–year–old rushes home from preschool to get on! Loves getting tickets for doing a job well done! I think it’s just what we were looking for; it seems to cover all bases and keep his attention! I’m a happy mom and I plan on keeping our membership!
—Mother of 4–year–old boy