Educators Talk About
I love this website! And so do my students! I used it for the second half of the year, and by the end of the year, all my kindergartners were reading (many well above grade level)! Thanks ABCmouse!
—Kindergarten Teacher
I built a lesson for some of my students yesterday, and today was the first day that they used the site and worked on their lessons individually. It was very effective. I was also able to use the site on my smart board for group activities!
—Elementary School Teacher
I have seen huge measurable gains since beginning in my kindergarten classroom. Our MAP scores, DIBELS scores, and DRA scores have shown unprecedented growth. Almost the whole class is now reading at a mid–1st to 2nd grade reading level. It is an invaluable teaching resource!
—Kindergarten Teacher
I tell everyone I know that ABCmouse is where the kids can tune in to school, whether in a group at the interactive whiteboard, independently in the computer center, or at home with family. Our virtual class is there for my students whenever and wherever they want to practice and have fun learning throughout the week. Bravo!!!
—Kindergarten Teacher
Wow!!! This is an amazing site. The curriculum support this gives my students is wonderful. And for you to provide it free to teachers is even more amazing! I will recommend this site to all my parents.
—Special Needs Teacher is the best site I have seen in my 23 years of teaching! I plan to use it EVERY DAY this year. The ABC’s and activities with each letter are going to make my year. I can’t wait to get to school to show my fellow kindergarten teachers this website. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
—Early Education Computer Teacher
I love that I have the ability to tailor the levels to each student, as well as the enormous amount of choices. Something for everyone!
—Preschool Teacher
ABCmouse has helped many of my students gain confidence in their learning. I have a few who are now reading at a 2nd grade level! They were not doing this before we started using ABCmouse daily.
—Kindergarten Teacher
I have been teaching for 25 years and find this site both educational and comprehensive. We have a group session together, then each student gets individual time to work on his/her own lesson path. The parents love that the children can work on their lessons from home and keep track of what they are doing. I am VERY impressed with this whole setup and can’t wait until it is available for higher grade levels. Keep up the good work!
—Elementary School Teacher, Mother of 2, Grandmother of 5
Absolutely amazing! My class loves it! My students are able to do things on the interactive whiteboard by themselves, and they don’t even realize they are learning!
—Kindergarten Teacher
I love this site. It is very user friendly and is perfect for my students. I work with students with special needs, and this site is helping them develop skills that they are lacking in. I also love the feature that parents can access it from home. Thank you for creating an incredible site and giving it to teachers.
—Special Needs Teacher
Every time I access, I find more and more activities that tie in to what I am doing at school and in the classroom. The students love it and are very motivated! We use it with our interactive whiteboard so that it is accessible to everyone.
—Kindergarten Teacher
The first six years of a child’s life are potentially the most absorbent time for grasping new information, and this site is incredibly thorough! I also love that students are rewarded and can save or spend their tickets earned on fun stuff! They adore having the pets to care for and have a blast with that as well. This is age–appropriate technology at its best! I would highly recommend this site for any early childhood learning facility.
—Pre–K Teacher