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Are you looking for resources for homeschooling your first grader? Check out the first grade homeschool curriculum at ABCmouse! Our award-winning online first grade program is designed to provide your child with a comprehensive first grade experience.

ABCmouse’s grade 1 homeschool curriculum includes: engaging books, games, puzzles, and activities that are backed by research. ABCmouse offers curriculum carefully designed in collaboration with nationally-recognized childhood education experts, and to help your child learn important first-grade skills.

ABCmouse’s online 1st grade homeschool curriculum is available on Mac, PC, Android, iOS, and Amazon-powered devices so that your child can access the program wherever he or she goes.

ABCmouse.com has also won several important awards, including: • Parents’ Choice Gold Award • Mom’s Choice Awards Gold • Teachers’ Choice Award

And while awards are nice, the true measure of success is how many children using ABCmouse are learning and growing, so we asked the people who know best: their parents.

In a study surveying more than five thousand parents who use ABCmouse with their children, eighty-five percent of those parents reported a significant positive impact on their child’s learning.*

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Homeschool Curriculum for First Grade: Lesson Plans & Activities

ABCmouse is the place to find homeschool 1st grade lesson plans bursting with rich activities that can help keep children deeply engaged in and excited about learning. It is an ideal resource to help children build essential skills and knowledge.

What Sets ABCmouse Apart?

ABCmouse’s 1st grade curriculum has been designed in close collaboration with nationally recognized childhood education experts, ensuring that the content aligns with best practices of education.

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And with no advertising and no links to other websites, ABCmouse’s Step-by-Step Learning Path makes it easy and safe for children to master the first grade program with confidence, whether on their own or with the help of caregivers.

1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum Objectives

ABCmouse is home to a wide variety of 1st grade lesson plans. If you are homeschooling a first grader, ABCmouse can help your child achieve the following curriculum topics and objectives.

Homeschool 1st Grade Reading Curriculum

Reading is a complex ability that blends many individual skills. One skill is the ability to look at written words on a page and identify the spoken words that the written words stand for. These are often referred to as decoding skills.

A second set of reading skills is related to understanding the meanings of the words being decoded. These are generally referred to as comprehension skills.

One measure of a child’s overall reading ability is his or her ability to read a section of text aloud correctly, smoothly, and with voice expression that matches the content. This is called fluency.

ABCmouse’s online 1st grade homeschool curriculum offers many resources and tools that can help your child progress in all these areas. The backbone of ABCmouse’s first grade reading program is a collection of stepped readers from very simple to more advanced. With fiction and nonfiction texts designed to help engage young readers, your child will be excited to read.

Simple addition problem with puppy illustrations.

Homeschool 1st Grade Math Curriculum

ABCmouse’s online first grade curriculum focuses on numbers and operations, measurement, geometry and spatial thinking, patterns and functions, data and graphics, and problem solving.

In first grade, children should learn how to use a number line and a Hundred Chart to show the count sequence and to add and subtract numbers within 100. They should learn that sets of three numbers can be arranged in families that have a “part-part-whole” relationship, such as the numbers 5, 2, and 7.

ABCmouse’s homeschooling 1st grade lesson plans can help children learn to measure length, time, money, weight, and capacity. Children can learn to identify and describe the characteristics of 2-D and 3-D shapes and to recognize them in the world.

The first grade program also focuses on helping children look for the rule or plan that underlines any pattern. Recognizing patterns helps children practice skills in every branch of mathematics, from counting to algebra.

Our online 1st grade homeschool curriculum can help first graders learn and discover strategies that will help them become problem solvers.

Homeschool 1st Grade Social Studies & Science Curriculum

Homeschooling grade 1 is easy with ABCmouse! The first grade curriculum for social studies focuses on map skills, cultures, geography, American history and government, and economics.

Children learn that a map is a visual representation of an area. They study the cultures (beliefs, values, and traditions) of families in their neighborhoods, their nation, and the world.

In geography, children learn about physical geography (features of the earth’s surface); human geography (where people live and how they use their natural resources); and environmental geography, (how the living things in an area interact with each other and with their environment).

The ABCmouse first grade social studies curriculum also includes learning activities about how elections work and the responsibilities of all levels of leaders. Children will also learn the economic concepts of needs, wants, goods, services, producers, and consumers.

ABCmouse’s first grade curriculum for science, engineering, and technology focuses on science, scientists, and engineers; earth and space sciences; life sciences; and physical sciences.

The process of scientific investigation is best learned by doing it, but children can also learn a great deal about how science is done from the lives of scientists and engineers, who are profiled in our learning activities.

Additionally, aspects of scientific investigation—curiosity, observation, experimentation, persistence, and so on—are explicitly taught through books and other learning activities.

In first grade, the earth and space sciences curriculum includes the study of weather, climate, seasons, and the ways we explore space.

There’s something to interest every young explorer in the ABCmouse life sciences curriculum, from the characteristics and behaviors of animals to select environments on earth.

First graders focus on the knowledge that different kinds of matter have different properties, and that the properties of a particular kind of matter can change as the matter turns from a solid to a liquid, or from a liquid to a gas. Children also learn that light, heat, and motion are all forms of energy.

Homeschool 1st Grade Art Curriculum

ABCmouse’s homeschooling grade 1 art activities can help children develop knowledge and skills in the subject areas of first grade, including letters, phonics, sight words, numbers, shapes, living things, holidays, and many other topics.

Every art activity has been designed and created with careful attention to detail, artistic quality, curriculum content, and fun.

Homeschool 1st Grade Music Curriculum

Songs are a popular part of any first grade program. They are proven to help children learn about language and the world. The ABCmouse music curriculum offers traditional and original songs about many different topics, from homophones to U.S. landmarks, to counting by 5s, to healthy habits. No matter the topic, songs can help children learn information in a way that is easy for your child to remember.

Songs are also an effective way to familiarize children with sounds and syllables and to develop oral vocabulary knowledge—all of which are important elements of learning to read.

User Testimonials

“I can see my child’s progression and I LOVE IT! She has so much fun with ABCmouse and that makes my job as a teacher (homeschool) and a mom even easier!” —Mother of 6-year-old girl

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