The Letter Songs A-Z Glossary
The Letter X Song
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Definition: A crossing is a place where two lines or two roads cross each other, or where a train track crosses a road.

Sentence: Now, x is a crossing and x marks the spot!


Definition: An example is a model or sample that helps you see what something is like or how something should be done.

Sentence: When x starts a word it's got the sound of a z. Will I give you an example? Most definitely!


Definition: If one thing exceeds another thing, it is bigger or better than the other thing.

Sentence: The number of books I read this week will exceed the number I read last week.


Definition: If someone or something is excellent, he, she, or it is very, very good, or doing very, very well.

Sentence: The pizza was excellent, so I had three slices.


Definition: If a person or thing is exceptional, it is unusual because of how good it is.

Sentence: An exceptional letter, extraordinary too- letter x is the one that follows w !


Definition: The extent of something is how far it goes or how much there is of it.

Sentence: The extent of our new playground is much greater than our old one.


Definition: If something is extraordinary, it is much better than or much different from the ordinary kind.

Sentence: An exceptional letter, extraordinary too- letter x is the one that follows w !


Definition: If something is extreme, it goes very far beyond what is normal.

Sentence: The cold was so extreme last week that the water in our pipes turned to ice.


Definition: To flex a muscle is to make it look strong and tight.

Sentence: The weightlifter likes to flex his arms to show off his muscles.


Definition: A galaxy is a very, very large group of stars.

Sentence: Our sun is part of a galaxy called the Milky Way.


Definition: A pixie is a small, imaginary person or fairy in children's stories who likes to play tricks on people.

Sentence: I watched a movie about a pixie that lived in a flower.


Definition: A saxophone is a musical instrument that is played by blowing air through it.

Sentence: I like to listen to my dad play his saxophone.


Definition: A xylophone is a musical instrument that is played by using a mallet or small hammer to hit wooden or metal bars that are different lengths.

Sentence: Xylophone, the instrument! Well, that's one that you've probably heard.