The Letter Songs A-Z Glossary
The Letter W Song
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Definition: If a person or animal creeps, they move in a quiet, slow, careful way, trying not to be seen or heard.

Sentence: Wendy Warbler whistled when she saw a wildcat creeping.


Definition: When something is wacky, it is funny or silly or unusual, or it doesn't make sense.

Sentence: Wackadoo! Wackadoo! Wacka-wacka-doo! These wacky words that start with w.


Definition: To wade is to walk through water, snow, mud, or something else.

Sentence: Willamina watched a whale while wading in the water.


Definition: A wallaby is a kind of small kangaroo.

Sentence: When we were playing in the park, we tried to hop like wallabies.


Definition: A warbler is a bird whose song has many quick notes.

Sentence: I heard a warbler in a tree, but I could not see it.


Definition: A wildcat is a wild animal of the cat family that is bigger than the kinds of cats that people have as pets.

Sentence: Wendy Warbler whistled when she saw a wildcat creeping.


Definition: A willow is a kind of tree with long thin branches and thin leaves.

Sentence: I like to read under the willow because it's shady and cool.


Definition: If you woo someone, you try to get them to like you or help you.

Sentence: I wanted the dog to like me, so I tried to woo him with a new toy.