The Letter Songs A-Z Glossary
The Letter R Song
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Definition: If something is rackety, it is loud or noisy.

Sentence: When the rackety old truck went down the street, everyone turned to watch.


Definition: A radish is a plant with a round, reddish root that people eat. The root, which is also called a radish, is a vegetable.

Sentence: Rascal Rex was a runaway rabbit, running through the radish patch.


Definition: A raft is something with a flat bottom that floats on water.

Sentence: Rick and Ray rode down the river in a rugged rubber raft.


Definition: If something is rainproof, it doesn't let rain go through it.

Sentence: Ruth removed her rainproof raincoat on a really rainy day.


Definition: When people rejoice, they show extreme happiness and joy about something.

Sentence: When a rainbow reached across the sky, Ruth rejoiced and said, "Hooray!"


Definition: Rhythm is a pattern of sounds or movements.

Sentence: I can feel the rhythm of my heartbeat when I put my hand on my chest.


Definition: If something is rickety, it is about to fall apart.

Sentence: That rickety old chair wobbles when you sit on it.


Definition: A riddle is a question that has a tricky or surprise answer.

Sentence: I spent all day thinking about the answer to the riddle my sister asked.


Definition: A ringlet is a group of long, curly hairs.

Sentence: Ruby Rose tied bright red ribbons 'round the ringlets in her hair.


Definition: Roo is a made-up word.



Definition: A ruffle on a person's clothes is a strip of cloth that has many curves or folds.

Sentence: She wore a dress with rows of ruffles, and raised the roof at the county fair.


Definition: If something is rugged, it is strong. It can last a long time and it won't break or wear out easily.

Sentence: Rick and Ray rode down the river in a rugged rubber raft.


Definition: A rutabaga is a plant with a thick, round root that can be cooked and eaten. Sometimes people also eat rutabaga leaves.

Sentence: After I cook rutabagas, I mash them up and put butter, salt, and pepper on them.