The Letter Songs A-Z Glossary
The Letter P Song
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Definition: Downtown is a place in a town or city that usually has a lot of buildings and businesses all together in one area.

Sentence: They parked their car at the pound downtown. What playful pup would they pick?


Definition: Perhaps means maybe. People say perhaps when they are not sure.

Sentence: Now Pearl and Peter asked their parents, perhaps they could possibly get them a pet.


Definition: A perky person or animal is cheerful and full of energy.

Sentence: Pearl and Peter knew they picked the right pup when the perky little puppy they picked gave a lick!


Definition: A pinecone is part of a pine tree that is shaped like an egg and has seeds inside. Pinecones are green when they grow and they turn brown when the seeds are ready to fall out.

Sentence: We collected pinecones that had fallen from the trees in the forest.


Definition: Ping-pong is a name for the game of table tennis. People use paddles to hit a small ball back and forth, bouncing it on a table that has a net across the middle.

Sentence: We'll eat pieces of pizza, play ping-pong for prizes.


Definition: A platypus is an animal that lives in Australia. It has a bill like a duck, a flat tail like a beaver, and webbed feet like a duck. It rests on land but spends most of its time swimming in rivers and streams.

Sentence: She bought her a pen, and a pink and purple platypus, a peppermint stick, and a popcorn ball!


Definition: If you ponder, you spend time thinking carefully about something.

Sentence: Pearl and Peter and their parents all pondered. What kind of pet did they plan that they'd get?


Definition: A postman is someone whose job it is to carry mail to people.

Sentence: The postman brought Polly's invitation to Patty's party on Wednesday at one.


Definition: A pound is a place where people take care of animals that don't have homes.

Sentence: They parked their car at the pound downtown. What playful pup would they pick?


Definition: Practically means almost completely, but not quite.

Sentence: Practically perfect!


Definition: When you prepare, you get ready for something that is going to happen.

Sentence: The party starts promptly. Prepare to have fun!


Definition: When people act promptly, they do things quickly and right on time.

Sentence: The party starts promptly. Prepare to have fun!


Definition: If you purchase something, you buy it.

Sentence: Polly ran to purchase Patty some presents at a place in the Pico Street Mall.


Definition: When someone or something is popular, many people like it.

Sentence: Puh-puh-puh-puh-puh p! Oh, what a popular letter is p!