The Letter Songs A-Z Glossary
The Letter J Song
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Definition: A jangle is the kind of sound that is made when two or more things, usually made of metal, knock together over and over.

Sentence: The car keys jangle when my baby sister plays with them.


Definition: If something jiggles, it makes small, quick movements in different directions.

Sentence: The pudding jiggles when I put my spoon in it.


Definition: If a person is jolly, he or she is happy and friendly.

Sentence: Jeff is always jolly.


Definition: A jovial person is usually happy, smiling, and fun to be with.

Sentence: Joan is always jovial.


Definition: When something is joyful, it makes you feel very happy.

Sentence: Let's say, "Yay!" for the joyful letter j.


Definition: When you juggle, you throw things in the air and catch them over and over, without letting them fall to the ground.

Sentence: I watched the clown juggle five balls at once.


Definition: If things are in a jumble, they are all mixed together and out of order.

Sentence: The crayons became jumbled after they spilled in my backpack.

Jumps for joy:

Definition: If a person jumps for joy, he or she is very happy about something.

Sentence: Jeremiah jumps for joy. And, that's no joke, by golly.