The Letter Songs A-Z Glossary
The Letter D Song
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Definition: If something is dainty, it looks small and beautiful.

Sentence: Deedee had a darling dog, a dainty little poodle.


Definition: When something is dandy, it is very good or excellent.

Sentence: How many words do you think there can be that begin with the dandy letter d?

Deedle dum deedly, deedly dee:

Definition: Deedle dum deedly, deedly dee are all made up words that do not have any meaning.



Definition: A didgeridoo is a musical instrument that has a very long tube that people blow into to make sounds.

Sentence: When Darla played her didgeridoo, Fifi did the dipsy-doodle.


Definition: When people or animals do the dipsy-doodle, they quickly move around in different directions.

Sentence: When Darla played her didgeridoo, Fifi did the dipsy-doodle.


Definition: A diver is a person who jumps head-first into water, sometimes from high above the water. A diver is also a person who swims deep in a pool, a lake, or the ocean. Sometimes that kind of diver might stay underwater for so long that he or she needs to carry a tank of air to breathe.

Sentence: David was a diver. He dove in deep dark water.


Definition: A dragonfish is a long, thin fish. Some kinds of dragonfish live deep in the ocean.

Sentence: He caught a baby dragonfish to give to his dear daughter.


Definition: Dumplings are small, puffy pieces of cooked dough.

Sentence: Debbie ate her dinner. The dumplings were delicious.