The Letter Songs A-Z Glossary
The Letter C Song
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Ay, caramba!:

Definition: Ay, caramba! is a Spanish phrase that people sometimes say, especially when they are surprised or when they don't like something. Even people who don't speak Spanish sometimes say ay, caramba!

Sentence: Ay, caramba! He was such a lazy grouch...


Definition: A calico cat has several different colors on its body.

Sentence: Now, Calypso Connor had a calico cat, a cranky, crabby, crazy cat named Matt.


Definition: A canoe is a narrow boat with pointed ends. A person uses a paddle to make a canoe move.

Sentence: We paddled across the lake as fast as we could in our new canoe.


Definition: When people celebrate a special day or special event, they enjoy it by showing happiness, eating food, playing music, or doing something else. You can celebrate a thing by saying or showing how much you like it.

Sentence: Let's celebrate the letter c.


Definition: If something is comical, it seems funny or makes you laugh.

Sentence: Carly's cousins live in Canyon Town, a cool cowboy and comical clown the cutest little cousins that you've ever seen in their clown and cowboy costumes out on Halloween.


Definition: A crane is a type of bird with a long neck and long legs.

Sentence: I tried to stay quiet so the crane would not fly away.


Definition: Curiosity is a feeling that you have when you wonder about something and really want to find out about it.

Sentence: I had a lot of curiosity about what was in the package, so I unwrapped it to find out.


Definition: A grouch is a person who complains a lot about how bad things are.

Sentence: Ay, caramba! He was such a lazy grouch...