Full Online Curriculum: Preschool through Kindergarten

Curriculum Overview

Science & Health

Science is more than discoveries about how our world works—it's also the way we make those discoveries.


Science comes naturally to young children, because it is natural for them to be curious and ask questions about the things they observe. It is important to encourage that curiosity at an early age by responding to their questions with the right balance of information and more questions.

ABCmouse.com’s science curriculum starts by exploring things that children can see in their own environments or tend to be interested in, such as weather, plants and animals, and the sun and moon. As they get older, children learn about more-abstract topics—properties of matter, energy, force and motion, the solar system, and the variety of environments and ecosystems found on Earth.

Part of learning about science is learning about scientists—who are the people who have changed our view of the natural world, and what inspired them to do so? The ABCmouse.com science curriculum features many child-friendly biographies that describe the lives of scientists as well as their discoveries.
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