Full Online Curriculum: Preschool through Kindergarten

Curriculum Overview

Art & Music

Drawing, coloring, and painting are all ways for children to be creative and show others how they see the world.

Art & Colors
Music & Activities
ABCmouse.com’s Songs curriculum has two important purposes. The first goal is to teach children to appreciate and enjoy music and to become familiar with some of the different elements and styles of music. The second objective is to teach other subjects to children through music.
The wide variety of songs on the site—both traditional and original—allows your child to experience the building blocks of music: melody, harmony, rhythm, and lyrics. Your child will hear arrangements that feature a great variety of instrumentation (what different instruments sound like and which instruments play different parts of a song).
ABCmouse.com offers songs about a number of different subjects (such as the alphabet, counting, and animals) that teach information in a way that is easy for your child to remember. Many of these songs include a glossary.
Songs are also a great way for children to hear how words can start or end with the same letter sounds and how words rhyme with each other. This awareness of sounds in words is an essential part of learning to read.
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