Full Online Curriculum: Preschool through Kindergarten

Curriculum Overview

Art & Music

Drawing, coloring, and painting are all ways for children to be creative and show others how they see the world.

Art & Colors
Music & Activities
Art and Colors
Visual-arts education benefits young children in many important ways. Working with a variety of art tools and media helps them learn to pay attention to details as well as develops fine motor skills. Children should have many opportunities to work with the visual-art elements of line, shape, and color. Specifically, children should experiment with lines that are thick or thin, or are straight or bent or curved. They should learn how to draw lines to make shapes and how to name, recognize, and use those shapes to create pictures. Additionally, children should learn to name and use a rich palette of colors as well as learn recognize these colors in their world.

To give your child all of these types of experiences, ABCmouse.com has developed a multifaceted Art and Colors curriculum that features unique new drawing and painting tools designed especially for young children. The site offers more than a thousand pages of drawing, coloring, tracing, and art activities that can be done on the computer or printed out as printables to be used offline. Because different children learn in different ways, this curriculum is intended not only to develop your child’s visual-art skills, but also to teach or reinforce his or her learning in language arts, math, science, and social studies.
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