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The hundreds of traditional and original stories and nonfiction books in ABCmouse.com's library will open doors to worlds of knowledge, adventure and fun for children.

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The books and stories in ABCmouse.com’s Library have been created with two primary purposes in mind.
The first purpose is to help children develop a love for reading and books. Every title, whether a classic children’s fairy tale, an original ABCmouse.com story, or a nonfiction book, is carefully designed to be interesting, visually appealing, and appropriate for young children.
The second purpose is to explain the educational concepts that are taught at ABCmouse.com. Each concept—whether it is the sound of a letter, the sequence of counting 1-5, or the seasons of the year—is explained in child-friendly language in every one of the site’s library books.
In addition to supporting these major goals, all Library books contain one or more of these special features, which are designed to help your child have fun and effective reading experiences:
  • All ABCmouse.com books have features to help your child learn about what reading experts refer to as concepts of print: covers, title pages, page turning, left-to-right and top-to-bottom text, sentence structures and punctuation, and relationships between text and images.

  • Many books in the Library can be read aloud by the site’s audio reader. Note that you or your child can turn off this feature so that you or another caregiver can read the book to your child instead.

  • Many books include discussion tips that you can use to help increase your child’s understanding of the books’ words and ideas.

The ABCmouse.com Library includes a unique collection of Beginning Readers that will help your child learn to read independently.
In addition to the more than 150 books that contain text and pages that turn, ABCmouse.com’s Library includes another very special way for children to enjoy stories—the Read to Me section. All of the traditional and original tales in this area of the Library are voiced and presented without text and with pictures that gently move, so that children of all ages can sit back and become fully engaged.
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